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EzRemit is a money transfer company offering by the minute money transfer facilities across the globe. EzRemit was incorporated in June 2003 in the United Kingdom. Today it offers truly diverse services under one roof. With state of the art technology, reliable service and wide-ranging expertise, EzRemit remains your trusted destination to transfer money effectively and efficiently.

You can transfer money anywhere you want by visiting our agent locations. We have licensed agent locations located at convenient locations. Just follow these simple steps to transfer money at our agent locations.

* Walk into our agent location.
* Present the amount to be transacted in the form of currency to the agent.
* The agent will enter the transaction into the EzRemit system.
* A unique number will be generated after the transaction is completed. Inform this number to the receiver.
* The receiver can come to the payout location along with the unique number and a valid identity.
* At the payout location, the unique number is entered into the system to get the details of the transaction.

On verification of the valid identity, the money will be handed in the form of local currency to the receiver.


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